Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Boutique Vignette

I made this vignette for a NAME contest using a kit made for the occasion; it consisted on the floor, and back wall only...everything else was added on. I found the idea of a baby shop very here it is.

I made all the little dresses, christening gowns, bonnets and blankets. I used paper kits to make several of the accessories on display. The outside of the vignette is covered with a vintage style children paper.
The shelves and drawers are hand- painted by me!...not bad :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Halloween Party

Fall greetings!!!...I'd like to share this room box's photos. It is almost done...( I got to paint the outside walls ). When I found these adorable paper figures, I said to myself: the Halloween party!!!

The kids are having fun before they adventure to "trick or treat". I made everything in this display, except for the candies and cake. The Halloween cut outs are scrapbook stickers. The picnic table is made with craft sticks...and the flowers are from a kit...sorry, the photos don't show the flower bed :(